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When ya momma just come home from work just tripping bout everything.

got me stressed

this my mama exactly

castallare asked:

I really want to know how you never seem to get burned out dealing with fans and the stupid, redundant, nosy-ass, ill-informed, self-serving questions/opinions you have to encounter constantly. Every big celeb - big or small - I've asked this of has given me a variation of the same answer, but none of them are as immersed in social media and as into face-to-face interaction with fans as you are, and I'm wondering if you somehow have a Zen approach to dealing with your public nonstop.


If I didn’t want to deal with the public, I wouldn’t have gotten into the business I’m in. I grew up in a service-related family. We owned bars, waited tables, ran movie theaters, cared for people but most of all, we communicated really well. “Don’t talk to strangers” really didn’t apply in Philly ‘cause you knew everyone.


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